Basal Cell Boogie


Known around New Orleans as a singer, actor, song parodist, and an overall stand-up kinda guy, Sam Adams was also formally trained in the biological sciences, which might help explain this piano-based album of classic melodies paired with smart yet smart-assed lyrics about skin conditions.

As an atomic veteran, Adams was exposed to an atmospheric nuclear blast at the Nevada Test Range, which apparently resulted in a “personal, life long relationship with skin cancers and dermatologists.”

From the cover photomicrograph of keratinized skin to clever and medically-aware title rhymes (“Fight On Epidermaphyton”) to “Squat Not”, a helpful warning about camping and poison ivy, the record is all about the largest organ of the human body.

Adams passed in 2016, but his obituary offers a final laugh.

Music to Scratch By.

Sam Adams, The Derma-Disc (Record Publications Company, undated).

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